2018 Junior Umpire Development Program - Green Shirt Program - (Healthways Umpire Group)

This program is the start of the Umpiring pathway, aimed at teaching anyone to umpire. The program runs every Saturday of the winter season during the 9.45am time slot. Participants learn the basics of umpiring and are provided with one-on-one coaching for every game they umpire. They are also required to participate in all workshops that are essential in learning and properly applying the rules to matchplay.

At the completion of the season participants are provided with a certificate and may be invited to continue on to the Intermediate Squad.

 Please note the minimum age requirement is turning 13 in 2018

Contact Naomi Garay (HUG Program Coordinator) for more details.

Email: naomiandabbey@live.com

Umpiring equipment available:

The following umpiring accessories are available from the office:

  • Rule book $16

  • Hand held plastic whistle $7

  • Hand held metal Acme whistle $30

  • White fleece jumpers $50

  • White polo shirts $25